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so now that this is the last year will prices go up on used?

Given that they are not readily avail now, and that new ones sell for well below MSRP, I cannot imagine that the discontinuation would cause prices to increase.

At best, maybe they depreciate slower, but given that there are so many great cars out now, and even more coming out, Id say that our already shockingly low depreciation cannot get much better than it is.

Any slower and people will just opt for different cars.
I don't see any effect at all on the prices for the older ones (say, '91-01). This might keep prices slightly higher on the '02-05 models, but only slightly.

Just my guess...

eBay is cheap advertising.

1000's of people see the new NSX and maybe a buyer will come in and buy it for less. could be the motivation for the high price? PLUS, if they get some sucker to pay over sticker, more power to them i guess :confused: