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So we are official owners again, this time a 130R Type-S and pretty stoked!

15 October 2003
West coast!
What's up fellas, this is a short intro video on the delivery day for our new 2022 NSX Type-S demo car! We have a lot of plans for R&D on this new ride as we plan to offer a full CF aero kit, more CF interior trim pieces and other cool items!

Overall it's a good feeling to be back in the saddle, we always knew we wanted to get back into a NC1 and having the Type-S is really being lucky and blessed. Too bad the purchase was tainted by a lot of things that Acura dealerships did not really do well. We wanted this car from day 1 seeing it at CarWeek. But we felt really ignored and no one seemed to want to help us secure an allocation slot. At the end of the day we had to go to the used market and pay well over MSRP to purchase the car.

Some of you may remember our last 2017 Blue NC1 NSX as we learned a lot from that car and now with the 2022 Type-S there are quite a few dramatic changes and some not so noticeable upgrades. In a future episode we will discuss the differences and all the little things that come with ownership of these cars.

For those thinking why would anyone buy an Acura over a Lambo, Ferrari, Porsche, or McLaren stay tuned as we will go into some of the fallacies here as well. All of these companies make great cars, so don't get us wrong....we love them all but the Type-S NSX is a very special car that really stands out on it's own merits.

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We are long time NSXCA and NSXPrime vendor sponsors. We also support and attend most of the NSXPO events throughout the country so you could say we are well vested in the NSX community! If you are a good standing member of NSXCA we offer buyers a discount so be sure to mention that prior to ordering!

We also love our Service men and women so if you are active military or law enforcement please let us know and we will also give you a special discount as a thank you!

To see our current NC1 collection you can click here:


EB Staff

Congrats! Nothing like an all Honda lineup. About to rid the pesky German of her garage spot at my house.
What took so long? (SMILE) I can't wait to see the series videos. Cheers.
Enjoy it in the best of health

I know modding is your business but unmolested cars are what future collectors pay the highest premiums on
Congrats Rick, it is so pretty. Look forward to your new videos

thanks buddy!

We are doing the PPF first and then going to start on the Type-S side-skirts and work back inside to finish the full CF trim set for this car!

So much to do and so little time.....!

We did a fun review of the Type-S - hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did making it!


Next up is a full carbon fiber interior and upgraded steering wheel and test fitting our Type-S inspired carbon fiber side skirts. The beauty of this is Acura only changed the front and rear bumpers on the Type-S but left the sides un-touched! This means all 2017+ NC1 owners can use these side skirts !

(we will also have upgraded front and rear bumper splitters for the 2017-2021 owners~!)

Let us know what you think of the video and promise many more photos to come as we prepare for NSXPO 2022 in AZ.

EB staff
Part of being a vendor + owner at same time, we share the passion for the cars since we are heavily invested as you are in your prized NSX!

We are usually so busy we never have time to just kick back and relax but a few weeks ago we decided to host a special event for NC1 owners. A few friends also tagged along to help run the event but overall it was a huge success to get some of the locals together. Some could not make it due to timing but given how this turned out we may do this more regularly (if time permits).

**ZR1 owner is an Acura Master Tech (Rob) who did all the recall and install work on our NB NC1 years ago**

Enjoy the pics:

Having the car we are working hard to develop some Carbon Fiber exterior aero goodies that will fit our Type-S and also the 2017-2021 cars!

Hope to have some photos by NSXPO :)

In the meantime check out our NC1 collection here:


Currently we offer for the NC1 NSX (2017-2022):

CF Nose Beaks
CF Interior Door Handle (large grab portion)
CF Power Window Trims
CF Center Gauge Stack Trim
CF Gauge Cluster Hood (for Type-S owners who did not get one or fits any other year too!)
CF Extended longer Paddle shifters
CF Thicker Grip Steering Wheels
CF Faceplate

**All off the above parts come in Gloss Finish or MATTE by special request!***

PM us for any custom build requests, we love custom projects and be happy to assist, if you are in the NorCal SF Bay Area you are always welcome to stop by our 3000 sq ft facility and check out our NSX projects!

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here's our website:


So it's been finalized we will bring the Type-S to NSXPO 2022 in Arizona!

For those attending NSXPO please stop by our vendor booth to say hello, we would love to meet every NSX owner!

Look for a couple brand new NC1 products that we hope to unveil at the event....

Just watched your Type S video. Good info.
thank you so much!

For those who want to see the video here's the links:

Delivery day:

Full Type-S vs standard NSX review:

happy new year!