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so what turbo is everyone using?

28 September 2004
not what kit but which turbo.....As i am looking it seems that this is the BIGGEST problem with this type of FI for this car, not fueling as some believe.

from the 100's of compressor maps i have looked at it seems the only easy way to pick a proper turbo is to lower compression inturn raising Pressure ratio's.

It can be done pretty easy with 2 smaller turbos but then there is the cost....

SO... i am wondering with all these DIY guys and GJ people running around, which turbo they are using....specifics would be cool if you know (gt35r BB, t3t04e .62AR, ETC) i am not trying to steal anyones plan here just looking to see what people ar eusing to help figure out why they may use that compressor.

FWIW Vortech SC's will work awesome with our engine.....

I've got a DSM T25 that's going on my 11.1:1 Civic engine. Not much use for NSX's, but you asked :)

If I were to turbo an NSX I'd look really strongly at a single T3 with stock compression. I don't like lowering the compression, because then off boost performance sucks. I like low boost on top of high CR. Then you still have good off boost performance and a flatter torque curve. It doesn't give the impressive numbers, but makes for a better driving machine on the street, and in any kind of racing that involves using the steering wheel.
Is your motor built? I think most of the GJ and FX cars are all built motors... Which would change the turbo selection process. And I am in that same boat... But I am going for a little more than most, so my sizing choice will not apply. Maybe tell everyone the state of your motor and what kind of power you are hoping to make. Then hopefully someone with a similar setup may step up?:)
i kinda though i had..atleast give the impression that i will be running stock internals...shooting for 400, which on paper is easy, just have to find a turbo that works....
I have compared both large and small options...small, like dave spoke of above is cool for grunt and drivabilty yet low on the HP side which isnt a big issue but you risk over spinning the thing and you end up changing the the nature of the car (high reving power)

Large is better for the high rev power side of things yet SUCK on the grunt and they are all very very in efficent with out motor...not enought exhust gas pressure and they all look to have surging issues...

this is where my problem comes in....really do not want to run 2 turbos (already have that on my audis, they get expensive) but no one seems to make a turbo with a low enough PR.....

Elite, are you building up your motor? what compressor are you using?
01blacks4 said:
i will be running stock internals...shooting for 400

If that's the case, you probably don't want to go much beyond something in the T3 size range. Even the T3/T4 hybrids will put out in excess of 500rwhp. With stock compression a T3 should get you to your goal. Although it shouldn't be a problme, get a big hot side AR and wheel if your concerned about overspinning.
yeah i have looked at every t3/t4 hybrid out there....none come close to "matching up"...
Im just going to do a big 62-1 and drive it like a supra :)
anybody ever heard of percision turbos?

the SC-34 or SC60-1?

I have a couple of buddies running those on b18 motors and those are capable of over 400whp on a 4 cylinder and holding revs all the up to 9000 rpm's. I think they use modified garret turbos and build them to their specs, but when you order the turbo you can desire any trim you want. The size of the turbo is about a t/3 but it is a t3/t4 hybrid turbo. give them a call, I know a lot of honda guys been running their turbos and they are very helpful.

type in precision turbos in google....i think their web-site is down.
Yeah, I am doing a full build on the bottom end. Did you mean to ask what compression? If so 9:1. If you mean what size wheels, I will let that out after we get it off the dyno.
percision in indiana? if so yes...They are, or seem to be garret turbos for the most part, one of there SC actually look good for the car (in stock form) and thier gt3582 works also....
and yes I was curious as to which wheel, but as i will be stock bottom end it doesnt matter....

i think i have decieded to to go with the turbonetics 62-1 or the gt3582.....now to see which is cheaper.. :)