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***SOLD*** - 1991 NSX Red w/ Black Interior - 5-Speed

17 October 2009
Boise, ID
Year: 1991
Exterior color/Interior Color Red / Black
Number of Owners: More than two
Transmission: 5-Speed
In Snap Ring Range? (if 5spd Manual): No
VIN: JH4NA1150MT000327
Mileage: 99,900
Are you a dealer or private seller?: Private Seller
Location (City, State): Meridian, Idaho
Title (clean or branded/salvage/rebuilt): Clean
$60,000 Firm
Maintenance History:
See below details
I have been the proud owner of this '91 Acura NSX since 2009. It was purchased from previous owner in CA and I have receipts from when they owned, as well as all receipts during my ownership.

$60,000 Firm

Items replaced / work done while I have owned:
  • New front windshield and moulding pieces
  • Stainless steel brake lines and new brake master cylinder
  • Driver & Passenger seat leather replaced
  • Momo flat bottom steering wheel and hub replacement
  • Engine hatch & trunk gas shocks
  • NSX floor mats
  • Side and rear window tint
  • Pioneer DVD AV Receiver w/ Alpine Door Speakers
  • New front steering rack & all wheel alignment
    • Includes new inner/outer tie rods
  • Entire drivetrain dropped, taken apart and needed items replaced
    • New valve guides in cylinder heads installed by Science of Speed
    • Science of Speed clutch and bearings
    • New spark plugs, engine seals, and gaskets (multiple)
    • New transmission fluid
    • New Honda Type 2 coolant, thermostat, water pump, etc
    • New timing belt & tensioner
    • New crank pulley
    • New belts
  • New Air Conditioning
    • New AC Compressor and O-Rings
    • Recharged with R134a
This is not an "all original" example. It has Momo wheels - 19" in front & 20" in rear. It also has after market front air dam and Comtech exhaust. I do not have the original wheels, steering wheel, nor radio & speakers.

Vehicle has been a "driver", not a garage queen. Having said that, the number of miles while in my care is only ~8K in 14 years. Please contact if you have any questions.

Aftermarket wheels, steering wheel, radio/speakers, exhaust


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