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SOLD! 1994 NSX For Sale 66k miles 2 owners Comptech SC

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26 March 2006
Year: 1994
Exterior color/Interior Color Black / Black
Number of Owners: 2
Transmission: 4 speed automatic
In Snap Ring Range? (if 5spd Manual): n/a
VIN: JH4NA1265RT000435
Mileage: 66,403
Are you a dealer or private seller?: Private
Location (City, State): Powell, Ohio
Title (clean or branded/salvage/rebuilt): Clean in hand, no lien

Price: $66,750

Contact: [email protected] 508-965-7110

Maintenance History:
Major service completed 150 miles ago with more information in the details section. Binder with receipts for previous work included with sale.

Modifications: Comptech Supercharger, NA2 headers, RSR exhaust, DF air scoop, Level 10 transmission upgrade and a 2004 Acura TL shift knob. Detailed description below.

3.0 Liter V6 with Comptech supercharger - 325 RWHP
Rising rate fuel pressure regulator
MAP sensor ESM, Walbro 255 LPH fuel pump
Downforce Air intake scoop inside fender leading to OEM air box
Harmonic balancer shield from Cedar Ridge Fabrication
Supercharger was installed when the car had 44k miles.
All original parts which were removed during the supercharger install go with car.


4 Speed Automatic upgraded by Level 10, intended for 400 RWHP.
Upgrades include case modifications to reduce friction and lower oil temperature.
New torque converter and upgraded valve body.
Transmission work completed when car had 56K miles.


OEM tubular exhaust manifolds from a 3.2-liter NSX installed with all OEM heat shields.
Stainless steel adapter pipes with additional oxygen sensor ports.
OEM catalytic converters.
RSR stainless steel exhaust system
Original cast exhaust manifolds & muffler go with car if the buyer wants them.

Bilstein struts with spring on lower perch. This lowers the car approximately 19mm compared to stock ride height. Car can be returned to original ride height by moving spring perch to upper groove on strut.
OEM grey painted wheels, 16” front and 17” rear.

Interior & Exterior

OEM cup holder, owner’s manual and warranty booklet.
Climate control unit rebuilt by Brian K of NSXPrime.com
Radio and all speakers functioning as the should.
Spare tire, trunk tool kit & compressor all intact
New OEM inner fenders (previous parts weren’t damaged just a bit old looking and I had the new ones)
New OEM Right & Left sun visors (previous parts split on front edge which is common on NSXs)
2004 Acura TL shift knob. (original NSX shift knob comes with car also)
35% window tint on side glass and rear hatch

Additional Extras

NSX OEM car cover with bag and cable lock
3 different keys
•Monel metal NSX key, (sometimes called titanium)
•Black NSX key with red lettering
•Acura valet key
Factory service manual with 1994 supplemental
Electrical trouble shooting manual.
3 ring binder with receipts for parts and service.
Laminated Monroney label (window sticker)
Battery Tender with hard wired connector to the battery for easy access.
Science of Speed Stealth front license plate bracket. (new in box never installed)

After enjoying this great car for the past 17 years, the time has come for its next caretaker.
Everything works on the car and a major service was just performed. I am the 2nd owner and the title and Carfax are clean.
The Comptech supercharger provides linear power delivery which keeps the NSX character albeit with more power. The added torque makes the car pull smoothly from low RPM all the way to the 7500 RPM redline. As this car is automatic the added torque is very beneficial, especially during spirited drives. You can leave the car in second or third gear and let the RPM sweep up and down. Alternatively, you can manually shift 1st through 3rd gear, and it will remain in each gear without shifting until you decides to. When in drive, the automatic function is great in traffic or on long highway drives. There is no need to worry about the transmission, as it has been upgraded by Level 10 to handle a minimum of 400 rear wheel horsepower. The car currently makes 325 rear wheel horsepower. The supercharger has been on the car for 22K miles, and the transmission upgrade was completed 10k miles ago. Both have been operating flawlessly over the duration. The supercharger system is the same as installed by dealers when these cars were new which is a proven reliable and safe NSX modification. The supercharger vacuum bypass also allows the car to be very efficient when cruising and I have seen 30 mpg over an entire tank of gas during long road trips.
I used the vehicle in the summertime for weekend drives and occasional road trips. The car has never been tracked or abused. It is in very good condition overall but does have signs of use typical for a car with this mileage and age. The front bumper, side skirts and just behind the rear tires do have some chipping in the paint. There are a few small scratches which can be seen in the included pictures. Locations are left rear fender and the rear bumper. The right rear fender does have an area of thin paint under the side light which looks like the previous owner tried to have paint damage buffed out. The wheels have some scratches from when they were off the car. There is no curb rash or damage to the rims. See pictures for detail.
Service & Maintenance
Major service performed summer of 2022 by Source 1 Auto, well known NSX experts located in Mainville Ohio. The car has been driven less than 200 miles since being serviced. A full vehicle exterior & interior detail was completed prior to this posting.
The service includes timing belt & water pump replacement, valve adjustment, new valve cover gaskets, cam plugs & oil pan gasket. New spark plugs, new battery. All coolant hoses & belts replaced. All fluids changed, (Includes: engine and trans oil, supercharger oil, coolant, ABS & regular brake fluid).
Driver & passenger window Fixit things installed, and tracks cleaned & lubed.
All 4 new OEM inner fenders (previous parts weren’t bad just a bit old looking and I had the new ones)
New OEM Right & Left sun visors (previous parts split on front edge which is common on NSXs)
There is a very slight clunk heard at parking lot speeds. Replacement of the struts and steering rack rebuild is the recommended fix. There is no detriment to how the car drives or feels. The ABS pump is a bit noisy during test cycles and is common on older units. This happens when you start driving after the car has sat for a long time. The new owner can decide to pursue these if deemed necessary.
General care
Regular oil changes using Mobil 1 synthetic oil, OEM filters and drain plug washers were done at home. Transmission oil changes using Honda fluid were done here also. Seats conditioned with Leatherique regularly. Car stored in a garage, usually under its cover and plugged into the battery tender.
Binder with receipts for other service and parts included with car.


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