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***SOLD*** Harness Bar w/Harnesses

12 April 2003
Fort Collins, CO

This harness bar is a 100% reversible mod. The six attachment points for the bar are factory bolt locations (4 lower rear bolts that hold seat rails to the floor, 2 upper pivot points for the seat belt). The front anti-submarine straps use mounting points for front of seat rails. When installed you can still use the factory seat belts, and the seats still move/adjust in all directions.

All hardware (for assembly and installation) included. I’ll even include the 3/8” allen wrench socket needed for a few special bolts (you can see it peaking out the right side of the top bar in the photo).

Asking $800 without fire extinguisher (but it is available also). Will take offers and am posting in a few places. Free delivery to NSXPO Phoenix (two weeks from now).

Cedar Ridge makes an identical bar for $895, without the belts. https://cedarridgeparts.com/store/p/nsx-harness-bar-system

New equivalent Simpson harnesses sell for $268/side. https://www.simpsonraceproducts.com/products/lever-camlock-harness
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Do you drill the floor for the sub belts?
No drilling. Yikes! I said 100% reversible, which drilling would not be. You just remove the bolts holding front of seat rails to the floor, put the bolt through the eyelets on ends of the belts, and reinsert the bolts.

Here is a photo I took during removal, showing where they attach. (Bolt is kind of recessed, relative to the carpet, and at a slight angle.) Looking closely at the eyelets in first/top photo May also help you visualize.