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Some Whipple Youtube Vids for discussion and info.

8 April 2004
Edmonton, Alberta
Here are a few 91 Whipple low boost vid's I just posted up for some FI discussion.

Started first run at 48 psi.
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Turned up the Fuel Pressure a bit:
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Just the boost on the last run.
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Pissing around in 5th.
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Trev, Your belts slipping :confused:
At what RPM are you seeing the most boost?
Not sure why you are saying my belts slipping.
I thought that the whipple low boost made most boost on the way up, then decreased at the top end.
You can hear the rpms raise during the dyno test all the way to 8000, so you can kind of figure that the questions out.
Tell me if what you see is not normal.
I have the Titanium Dave fix it block installed.
No it looks good I have seen this in a few CTSCed cars and driving Daves car on the track.
I just wanted to know what RPM are you seeing the "sweet spot" on your SC?
You say Low boost but I thought you had an Autorotor :confused:

All the NEW Autorotor's are at the highest boost I would put to a stock piston NSX motor.

Same thing you see on any turbo cars dyno. The HP may clime to red line but the TQ will fall off a few K lower.
Sorry buddy, Low Boost Used Whipple.
Thats what I got and thats what I installed on the car with Eddie.
Now, what the Boost Fairys did last nite to the car, I'm not sure yet.
I see a high boost pulley, Honda injectors, Red different fuel pressure regulator...Bottles of Meth.... oh no, Angus, those are my Viagra pills!!!
Question for you, I noticed the fuel pressure dropping/fluctuating at what seemed like before the boost was dropping. Do you think thats the case ? If so it seems like the fuel pump/fuel rails may not be flowing enough.

Hopefully some NSX FI guru's can chime in on this..
Guru, why thanks, nicest compliment I've had here, oh, not me.......
The simple Low Boost Whipple Supercharger setup uses a Rising Rate Fuel Pressure Regulator! (RRFPR)
This RRFPR increases the fuel pressure to the injectors as it sees boost that the Whipple produces.
This extra pressure at the injectors, increases the amount of fuel that goes into your engine to correspond with the extra air that the Whipple is pumping in.
With out this extra pressure, the air/fuel ratio would go lean and you would burn up your motor in a few seconds.
The RRFPR is setup by Comptech with a certain rate of rise per Psi of boost.
So lets just call it like 12 Psi of fuel pressure for each 1 Psi of boost.
This was all tested with the stock Nsx computer and the stock injectors.
If you change any of the fuel system in this setup, then you have to reinvent the delivery system.
The only simple adjustment this Simple Low Boost Whipple system has is an adjustment for base idling fuel pressure. You can see this in my videos. I first started with a idle pressure of 48 Psi. As we did the dyno runs, we raised that initial idle pressure up to 52 Psi and left it there.
This allowed me to have a safe air/fuel ratio throughout my rpm range.
However after saying all this you must realize that the Nsx engine is not linear and simple like a 0-6 Psi boost might be. The VTEC produces more air into the engine and at that point the air/fuel ratio goes lean. To compensate for this, you must run a little fatter on fuel all the way around else where.
Its a compromise that is a must in this case for the Simple Boostie setup.

The High Boost Whipple system uses a smaller pulley to speed up the Whipple,thus creating higher boost numbers. With this you need more fuel so the kit come with larger injectors and then.... a different RRFPR with different spring for a different rise in fuel Psi to match the new injectors. The same problems exist with this high boost as with the low boost.

Our best bet is the Standalone AEM computer system and a good tuner that can dial in all the different parameters that would allow our engine to have the right air and fuel mixture.

Hope this helps out with some questions.

I am running a High flow High pressure Walbro fuel pump, so I have not used the Boost-a-pump unit on my car that comes with the Comptech kit. I have enough fuel pressure to feed my engine on this setup. The only thing I have done is to Jumper the Fuel Pump regulator so that my new fuel pump sees line voltage all the time. No duel speed fuel delivery for me. But if you did not have the new Walbro, then you would have to use the Comptech system to get more pressure.

I maze will talk about the Map Sensor and boost as well since I'm talking about this system. If the Nsx Map sensor sees boost, the car will go into limp mode I'm told. So to combat this, Comptech first came up with a restricter and relief valve in the line that leads from the intake manifold below the whipple and runs to the Map sensor. This works by restricting boost pressure down that line and dumping out to atmosphere before the pressure gets a chance to hit your Map sensor. This actually works cause my supposedly newer whipple set up came with this old setup and I tried it before installing the new fix. The new fix is the E.S.M module. This 4 wire module ties into the Nsx computer and fools the computer into not seeing the boost that the map sensor is trying to tell it is happening. This of course works very well as well as well.....

Ok, I'm getting confused so I'll stop now.

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