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Someone lose their Lambo?

28 March 2000
Redwood City, CA
Lamborghini abandoned after crash on Hwy. 401

Toronto police are investigating a collision that left an expensive Lamborghini nearly worthless.

Police arrived at the scene of the single-car crash on Hwy. 401, just west of Leslie St., around 2 a.m. Friday to find the sports car smashed but no sign of the vehicles' occupant or occupants.

"There's a $385,000 car that's worth nothing right now," said Sgt. Dave Woodford of Toronto Traffic Services.
Oops....my mistress who lives in Toronto was suppose to only drive the Veyron. When she found out I that I was really a pimp, she decided to crash the Lambo. Oh well- car was a POS anyways.
Re: Like the Enzo on Hwy 101.....

DUI probably. I'd leave the scene too. :wink:

That was my first thought. Driver was drunk. Left the scene. By the time they find out who the owner is and track them down, they're sober and basically get slapped with leaving the scene. Either way, still beter than a DUI.
You guys won't believe this but I got really drunk last night and now I can't find my Lambo...
Blah, those things are disposable. When it comes time for an oil change, I just throw mine in the garbage. I would have gotten another one but my penny got stuck in the gumball machine.
I suppose it could also have been stolen and taken for a joyride. It was the grey LP640 from Prestige Auto -- that's why it had no plates.