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Someone stole my OEM car cover

4 September 2002
San Francisco, CA
My car cover got stolen last week when I parked my car just outside of my house. I had used it for about a year, so it's kind of dirty and the red NSX logo at front is fading. YES! I had already used the lock that come with the cover. Both the lock and cover got stolen!! :mad: :mad:

I don't think any other cars will fit the NSX OEM car cover?

Please anyone keep an eyes on any OEM car cover selling on Ebay or any marketplace. ( the cover should be dirty and fading NSX logo )

My NSX OEM cover was also stolen, Im sure it doesnt fit any other car. Unless another NSX owner is that desprate he had to steal mine. Im located in Miami Fl. :mad:
Wow, how unfortunate. Luckily that is all that was stolen.
i've been on prime for awhile now, and i've never read of the car cover being stolen. is this a new thing? i plan on purchasing an nsx with a car cover too, i don't want to spend the money only to get it stolen ;( .. GeeeEz, we got haters out there.
if you can, it's recommended to get a garage to put that NSX in..
As hard as it is to do, what you need to do is go to a crafts store and buy a big set of stencils and spray paint your license plate number on both ends of the car cover prominently in black or red to make the cover readily identifiable. I think you will find that no one with take it then. Still sorry to hear that some jerk took your cover though.
Nice suggestion, same thing has been done to garbage cans.....lol, Car only sits inside a garage it was being used outdoors when it was stolen. :cool: Like someone said a bunch of haters or some kid with a civic that wants to put an NSX cover on it.
pbassjo said:
Probably being used as a bedspread.

Not sooo rediculous. I had both car covers stolen from two Porsches one Winter night at an apartment carport. The manager said that other tenants reported seeing a couple homeless people around the building. Unusual in our neighborhood. Who knows.
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Maybe a Vette owner wishes he owned an NSX.
so..... he stole your NSX car cover and put it on his vette and just dreams that it's an NSX under the cover, hehehe :biggrin: