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SOS or Fabspeed downpipe with sport catalytic converters?

9 June 2020

I have a 2020 NSX and was looking for advice on which to go with based on opinions.

I kindly ask if anyone has received a CEL code for these applications with the stock exhaust?

I came from a Z06 Corvette and would love some additional sound; that is my primary goal.

My concern with the catless downpipe from Fabspeed is the CEL code.

Thank you in advance!
I'd probably go with the SoS due to the development time/effort and the product support. But, maybe [MENTION=6718]drmanny3[/MENTION] or [MENTION=34518]DJ Iceman[/MENTION] can elaborate?
No, I can't help with this one. I have no personal interest in modifying my NSX--I love the power and sound just the way it is! I'll let those with personal experience chime in...
I have the SOS Downpipes and agree with Honcho in that SOS has done a great job in developing quality products for our cars. While the downpipes improve the exhaust flow which results in improved performance the part I like is that the sound is more intense. Lots of farts as you downshift. I have never had a error code throws as a result of the SOS Downpipes. The quality is there and all the heat shields are fitted properly. I kept the OEM downpipes just in case I need to replace. It takes a bit of time to install. There are videos from SOS on how to do the install. I cannot see any reason not to go this route. In fact as I understand the cat back exhaust does not do a lot for performance and slightly improves the sound. The SOS Downpipes may also pass smog though I have not tried to take the car to a tester. We have 5 years before a smog test is required for the 2017 models. The upgrade is not visible as well.