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Forced Induction SOS Twin Turbo system with under 3K miles.

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6 June 2004
Hello I am selling my Science of Speed twin turbo system. This kit is designed for 2000-2005 NSXs but will fit all years with a aftermarket exhaust. If your car is older you will need custom test pipes to fit it to your car. I bought the kit with wrinkle black charge piping and intercooler. It is equipped with Garret GT2860RS with .86 AR. These turbos are perfect for a 3.0 or 3.2. I am only selling it because I may go the NA route or a larger single turbo. My car is a 3.5 and these turbos will not go beyond 16 PSI on pump gas with my engine. I think my engine is moving too much air for these turbos which is why I might go with a larger single turbo. It has been run mostly on 10 PSI and is very well taken care of. I change my oil annually with synthetic oil and never shut off the car until it cools down for 5 minutes or so to make sure the turbos aren't spinning anymore. The kit has been on my car for almost 4 years with about 2800 miles (so the oil was changed 4 times) on the system. I had a Lovefab on my car and I must say the quality surpassed the LF kit in more ways than one. The kit will be complete with all required hardware for installation and RC 750cc injectors. With this setup I made over 600 RWHP with a ton of torque due to the twins and 3.5 engine. I do not have pics and will not have any until I remove the system. If I do not sell the system soon I will keep it. Asking $9200.00 plus shipping within the 48 states.[/
Additional details on kit:


My build details with dyno on page 2:

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