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Spa Francorchamps track day hierarchy: NSX 2017 vs BMW M2 vs Cayma GT4 vs NSX LoveFab

20 January 2008
On the 30th of May, I attended a track day meeting at Spa in Belgium.
It was an Open Pit lane meeting resulting in many different types of cars on track simultaneously making comparaisons difficult but throughout the day I managed to evaluate my LoveFab NSX to the cars mentionned in the title.
Unfortunately, I have only one video but it will give you a good idea at how fast and technical it is to drive around Spa.
A few details about my car:
It's a NA1 dressed in NA2 NSX-R body work with a LoveFab turbo running at 7.5 psi worth 400 rwhp I believe.
The brakes are 328*32 Brembo slotted disks with Porsche 993 turbo calipers and NA2 rear disks with home designed 4 piston AP calipers controlled by an S2000 AP1 ABS modulator.
Suspension is Bilstein shocks with Zanardi springs and 22 mm anti roll bars front and rear.
A/C and radio fully operational.
Avon ZZR semi-slick tires in 215/40*17 and 265/35*18 on Volk Racing wheels.

The other cars were:

A brand new NSX 2017 fully OEM including tires
A BMW M2 with Pirelli P Zero Tropheo tires and KW suspension with 3° camber
A Porsche Cayman GT4 with Michelin Sport Cup 2 tires

Let me say that power was not the issue as every lap I could pull an indicated 240 km/h at the end of the uphill straight and even 245 km/h when alone in the car.
As a comparaison, I had managed only 215 km/h at best when running my CTSC...
The brakes worked flawlessly also.
The only issue was that the car although well balanced front to rear felt a bit soft to negociate some of the faster turns.
Last point, some of the drivers were half my age...

So here's the hierarchy:

1) Porsche Cayman GT4
This car is a real snake the way it can go through the esses in total composure

2) NSX 2017 and NSX LoveFab Ex-aequo
I had the opportunity of following and leading the 2017 NSX for many laps but neitheir one could pull away from the other.
As a passenger in the 2017 I was really amazed at the way it pulled out of corners and it's total composure on the track.
It's ennemy is of course it's weight

4) BMW M2
I had lot's of fun racing against the M2, the car is fast with very good grip in the corners due to the Pirelli P Zero tropheo's that the driver rated above the Michelin Cup 2's.
Here the power of the LoveFab made the difference as well as the guts to take one of the fastest bends at over 200 km/h I suppose.
The owner previously had a Nissan GTR ( fear of facing repair costs made him sell after 3 years ownership) and a BMW M4 ( declared as inferior to the M2 in driving pleasure)

These results are to be taken cautiously as we never had a clear track to exploit 100% of the cars capabilities and were of course driven by drivers with potentially different skill levels.

In the end it's the car designed for the track that wins.
Are we surprised?

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I love your updates...but I have been saying for years you need more spring if you want to get better lap times.....ditch the Zanardi/bilstein combo and invest in a better suspension....jmho
I love your updates...but I have been saying for years you need more spring if you want to get better lap times.....ditch the Zanardi/bilstein combo and invest in a better suspension....jmho
I hear you loud and clear and I have now convinced myself...
On the other hand my friend with a 997 GT3 says that his suspension is almost unbearable on the public roads.
So where do we go from here?
KW V3 clubsport, Tein's, Moton's , NSX type R ...
Good stuff. While I cannot comment on track with the KW, on the street they are freaking awesome. Extremely comfortable.
The street performance of a suspension is subjective..but I suspect the Type R may be on the harsh side for you, unless your roads are in good shape, I hear good thinngs about the KW...just choose the spring rates based on the type R....