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Spacro/Momo steering wheels and fixed hub/quick release packages

6 June 2006
So Cal
Hello Prime Members,

I have in stock 2 sets each of these Sparco 330mm and Momo 350mm (NSX-R style) steering wheel packages.



Your choice of a security quick release & hub to protect your ride from theft.



Or a fixed steering hub with spacer. This hub collapses in a collision for safety.


The Sparco 330mm has a nice "D" shape with thicker grips.




The Momo 350mm steering wheel is the same in design and size as the real 02+ NSX-R. The Honda horn button pictured is sold separately here. Momo horn button included (not pictured).




Both set up retains the OEM distance between the wheel and turn signals.


It's one of the best investments as it not only will protect your ride from theft (w/ quick release option), but make your steering feel more direct and updates your interior nicely at the same time. Saves weight too!

Price: $615.00 for either wheel with quick release/hub. Subtract 230.00 to get the fixed hub/spacer. Save $$ of retail. I can remove logos if you wish. All items are brand new with hardware and wiring. Prices listed does not include shipping. Worldwide shipping available. All major credit cards accepted in this sale. Postal money orders/ cash receive a 3% discount. CA res please add 8.25% sales tax. Contact me for any special requests or questions. I can help locals with installation.

Some links by other members on the Prime to help with installation questions such as wiring the horn, turning the ABS light off and cruise control: one and two.

This video demo gives you an idea of how the quick release works for security.

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How much for the nrg slim hub shipped to ca94134?

For the NSX specific short hub made by NRG pictured above (allows you to retain the SRS reel for ease of installation). The price is 365.00 shipped.

The NRG thin hub, (not NSX specific and will require you to remove the SRS reel) is priced at 113.00 shipped.

Let me know, thanks, Louis.
It looks like the one below. Not recommended because if it's slimmer profile, it will bring the steering wheel too close to the turn signal levers. Your fingers will hit the levers.


If you would like to go with a more cost effective route vs. using the NSX "specific hub", I would recommend using the fixed hub shown in the first post with a low profile quick release. This retains the OEM distance between the wheel and turn signal levers. You will need to remove the srs reel with this set up though. This (fixed hub and low profile quick release) is priced at 250.00.

what other nrg slim hub will fit the nsx other than the nsx specified hub?
Looking good! Thanks for posting. Only one Momo wheel with quick release set up left. Get it while it's in stock.
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Need the price shipped to Killeen Tx 76541. The Momo 350mm steering wheel, NSX "specific hub", and quick release set up.
Just back from deployment and havent been on here in almost a year.