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sparco pro 2000 with which rails?

26 November 2006
San Jose/San Francisco
i just picked up a pair of sparco pro 2000 on craigslist for so cheap that i feel guilty, because even though i didn't talk him down from his price, i should've paid more! they came with unknown rails. one of the rails will allow you to slide forward/backward along with raising the seat height up and down by twisting an oval shape knob, whereas the other one only slides back and forth. these are sidemounted seats. he did mention that the rails on the seats now were possibly meant for a 70'-80' nissan z.

basically, my question is what rails should i use with these specific seats to fit in the nsx. also, what are the chances that the rails on them now will fit the nsx? i've been extremely busy and haven't had the time to really see if the rails on them now will fit.

[email protected] remember reading an article somewhere and it mentioned that you have these seats in your car. please chime in and let me know which brand of rails are you using. thanks.