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Sparco Racing Seats

20 April 2000
Minot ND / Las Vegas NV
I'm looking for some Sparco supersport seats. Has anyone changed seats in their NSX? If so can you give me some input as how difficult it is or any thing I should be concerned about when changing them? I figure it should be a straight bolt in project but I've been wrong in the past.
You typically need some sort of seat rails to put aftermarket racing seats in the car. Other than that it's no big deal.
Hey Lud

I knew about the brackets but do you know of anyone that has done it? Cuz I'm curious if they are happy with the them? I know I'll lose the power adjustments but I also will lose some weight.
I have momo Rookie seat in my car. It is very hard to find anybody that do seat bracket for the car. Cause by the limited space. U have to have bracket as flat as possible or your head will hit the ceiling. momo and sparco usually have the same mount. If u getting bucket non adjustable recliner seat, try to seat on it for a little bit. As I find them very uncomfortable in long drives. My advise is get the one with adjustable recliner. As with the weight savings, not much. I was amazed by how light the stock seats are even with all the electronics and bracket. I would say My seat (13.5 lb) with the bracket, probably give saving about 10 lbs each.