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Speed bleeders (One man bleeders)

17 March 2009
Ad Description:


I have a bunch of Speed Bleeders, 1 Set is enough to do 2 wheels.

$10 per set, shipped.(2 bleeders)

$19 for 4 bleeders

$23 for 5 which includes one to do the clutch slave.

Pm me for individual quantities. All prices are as SHIPPED AND INCLUDE PAYPAL FEES.

[email protected]

Dont freak out, these might not the exact ones you will be getting. These are the first ones I grabbed, So if they look different its probably because they are.

These allow you to bleed your brakes and clutch effortlessly. You can unscrew each bleeder, Press the brake or clutch pedal and as soon as all the air is out, get out and tighten them back up. Extremely easy. No need for the girlfriend to come out and pump the pedal anymore. She stays inside watchin her "Passions." You dont have to hear the nagging of when yall are going to the mall. Seriously, how much is THAT worth?!

608-334-7877 Call me or Pm me with questions if any!



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First person to PM me.... Gets a special deal.
10 bucks for 4 bleeders + 3 dollars shipping. BUT You must write a FULL review about how you bled your brakes and if these made them easier.:eek:
Yeah, i guess you're right. I figured guys here actually TRACKED their cars:eek::biggrin:...
Well it's been brought to my attention that since i'm a new member and i'm pretty much unknown that people are cautious.

Well let me first say that you SHOULD be bleeding your brakes at the latest, every two years. Whether its bad fluid or not, the brake fluid cap isn't 100% air tight and eventually your brake fluid takes in the air and absorbs the moisture. The oldest car on this site is what? 17 years? So some of you are probably 10 years or more behind. Not to say most of you haven't done it but for such a super car....
Anyway, for me being such a car guy, I don't do all the maintenance because I don't have the money to have someone else do it but because I don't TRUST anyone else do to it... Hell a doctor has amputated the wrong limb for F sake! I'd rather the mistake be MY fault if there would ever be one...
My point is, every time two years comes around, these make it a lot easier. I've advertised to the Honda croud which I figured would be my biggest sellers but guess what, Mitsu guys have taken the cake. Surprising to me. Maybe because i've advertised there first. Then the supra guys have taken a huge interest as well.

I'm on multiple forums, Mainly the car specific ones. The all in one forums kinda turn me off, seems too much like a Walmart.
Since I AM considered a new guy and people are worried about the scams,
I have all the same screen names: 1Gcrazy. Never registered under anything else. Just to rattle off a few...
These are all boards I've been a part of for some time. DSMTuners more than any other. I've parted out a few cars on there, just recently have I realized how important a sellers rating is. You are all more than welcome to call me to verify.

If anyone has an questions, dont hesitate to ask. I check all my sites i'm adversiting daily.
If you find a lower price PM me and let me know.
Hope to hear from you guys in the future!
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We are pretty cautious here but you should do a better search about this forum first. There are several people here already using these things for several years. These bleeders are nothing new to us.
I wish I could run them on my nsx and my truck but my first experience with speed bleeders on my sportbike will my last experience with speedbleeders. The brakes always felt mushy with the speed bleeders on my bike for some reason and I even upgraded to steel braided lines. Definitely not going to risk it on any of my cars, thats why I won't go that route. But it doesn't mean that they're bad, just that my experience was.
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Ok guys, so after further investigation, I, in fact can NOT get the clutch bleeder screw. My research turned out to be wrong I guess. I can't get the 9mm screw without spending a ton trying to get it in which it would make the price unappealing to you guys as buyers.
SPEAKING OF BUYERS! All of your screws came in so if anyone is interested in the 4 calipers I HAVE those.

If you can get me a size on the abs, I can try getting that one. I need the size though.

Let me know guys!

ALSO, I did verify that these ARE the actual brand speed bleeders... Fyi.