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speedblind in midwest? lets get some track!

19 December 2001
lee's summit mo 64064
i'm in kc and want info on taking my baby out on some speed runs. does anybody know anything about this?

Also, randall, get ahold of me. lets get some of the local owners together, i noticed a columbia owner on the site as well. I'm over in lee's summit.

Missouri is not represented in the owners clubs?

hope to hear from you kansas/missouri people
There are a lot of clubs and groups that hold track events around the Midwest - BMW CCA, PCA, TrackTime, CGI Motorsports, Skip Barber, etc.

And, of course, there were all those NSX's on the track at Road America this past October at NSXPO 2001. Next year's event is in DFW, not too far from KC.

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sounds good,maybe we should start a local club.we could meet monthly at BAZOOKA'S?

yeah, randall, im all about that.

lets get together in the neaar future, weather allowing.

just dont want to drive in the snow and rain, anything else is cool. Would even welcome a meeting without the favorite ride...just to find a new friend who appreciates nsx's.....

ps; are we the only nsx afficionados in the area?
Ron stafford is the only man I know that has sped along at 200mph on public roads!
whoa!! was that in a nsx??? because on the roads around here that is scary fast, on the way back from springfield i backed off at 125 due to lousy roads and the potential dukes of hazard scene
nope,a real GT40 on 50 hwy,according Ron. I believe him he has a long race history.
I'd like to get together some time. There are actually 2 members in Columbia now (myself included). We have some great roads to let the cars "stretch" their legs. As you know, the weather can be a bit touchy this time of year, so planning would need to be flexible. Happy holidays everyone. Ben