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speedometer problem

29 January 2004
My speedo will sometimes drop from normal readings to zero and then back to a normal reading.It seems electrical in nature. Any thoughts? Jeff
Speed Sensor


My guess would be the speed sensor. Before you go and replace it, check for a loose connection at the transmission: Make sure the connection is clean and tight. There are some links here: http://www.nsxprime.com/forums/showthread.php?p=348096#post348096

Do you ever get a TSC or check engine light after the drop? If the drops are very short (say under a second), you may not. But if they are longer, you probably will. This would also be a sign of speed sensor failure.

Good luck.
I have the exact symptoms, I tried cleaning the grey plug right above the tranny below the air box but I had no luck, am I checking the correct place? If I am is this the speed sensor aswell? Ive gotten to many speeding tickets and when I say "Ossifer i was only going 0" isnt working anymore.......lol
The speed sensor is a common failure on NSX,Legend,Vigor,TL,RL and accord replacement is the only repair,,check your ECU for codes you will likely find code 17(speedsensor)...JZ
Is the speed sensor the same grey plug I mentioned? i fnot where is it located? About how much are one of these plugs, just incase I buy one and its not the case?