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Spotted 2 black NSX's on the freeway this evening....

8 May 2007
....anyone here? I was in the silver one. I saw the first black NA1 on the 101 south in the valley. Second one, saw you on the 60 east--what exhaust was that?
That was me on the 60. I gave you a thumbs up. That is my new Ark-DTS exhuast. Was it too loud? Let me knwo your opinion on the sound. I am considering changing it....
By the way, you car looks nice an clean.
Ahh.. no it wasn't too loud, sounded good from what I remember, and it gave your car a good audible "presence". How is it at freeway speed from the inside of the car? I was actually hoping to hear you get on it so I could hear how it sounded at full bore.. lol. I'm looking for a DT-X myself...
I think its a bit too loud for my taste. I was hoping to install headers in the future but this is already too loud for me. Anyways, your car looked very clean...!
If the ARK-DTS is too loud, I hear the RS*R exhausts are quieter. I think there are a couple guys selling their RS*R exhausts on prime, but no one wants them because they're too quiet. I have a DTX, and I personally love the sound with the high flow cats.
rs*r are very stockish except when you get on the gas they sound great.

no droning. just good sound when it counts.