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Spring Mountain HPDE, Friday Sept 30th!

14 December 2004
The S2000 Club of America and TrackMasters Racing would like to invite all of the NSXprime members to get some seat time on Friday September 30th at the Spring Mountain Raceway in Pahrump, NV! The event costs only $185, which is as low as you'll see it once the big track opens up!

Visit the TrackMasters website to get yourself signed up right away!

Feel free to contact me over at s2kca.com if you have any questions!

Thanx gang!
- Perry
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The track informed us that the new section will not be paved in time for this event so we'll run the largest existing section instead, which as many of you already know is quite a blast to drive!

Come on out and play with us! Registration is still open. :)
What is the length of the track configuration we will be running? I just signed up, but I couldn't find the track length. I'm bummed it's not the new larger course, but I'm excited to finally try this track. Anyone else going? How about you 2Slow2speed?
If you are going to NSX Expo why not get in on this event to get ready? If you can't go to the NSX Expo -- why not get in on this event?

It should be a great time at a really nice track.