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Spring/Shock question

2 July 2000
Raleigh, NC
With all the recent suspension posts I figured I would get you guys opinion on something. My right front seems to sit lower that my left front. I just recently lowered the car with Eibach springs. Funny thing is that the car did the exact same thing with the stock springs. I was hoping maybe that it was a bad spring, therefore with the new springs the problem would be fixed. My car is a 91 with 71k.Is this something that is regular for the early model NSX's? (I wouldn't think so)Or could it quite possibly be that the shock is worn from 10 years and 71k miles and needs to be replaced? The car had a front end alignment done after the Eibach's were installed and everything lined back up properly. Nothing alarming from the tech doing the alignment. I am experiencing a little rubbing on the right front and I have to do something about this situation. What do you guys think?

Did the person doing the suspension mod inspect all damper mounting rubbers, bump stops, and spring mounting rubbers prior to reinstallation of the damper assembly. If any of these parts were worn/damaged it may cause that side of the vehicle to sit lower.

Did you experience any rubbing before you lowered the vehicle?

What size tires and wheels are you using?

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My NSX also looks like if it is lower on the right front. I have had both, Eibach, and H&R springs. I also have a friend that has the same appearance in the front right.

What size tires are you using in the front???
Tires are 225/35 18 in the front....car was lower on the right before and after the springs. So i'm kinda confused, as far as I know everything looked good under there, Acura tech did the install. Maybe a bad shock. ??????????

Jason, I have the same setup in the front as you do. 225/35/18 SO-2. Unless you do some innerlining modifications, you will continue to see rubbing.

p.s. mine still looks the same after the Koni's.
ZABADNSX thanks for the info. What is the best way of going about modifying the innerlining? Thanks.
ZABADNSX thanks for the info. What is the best way of going about modifying the innerlining? Thanks.