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Squeaky Gear Shifter

7 May 2001
Woodbridge, Ontario, CANADA
Hello Everyone,

I recently noticed right after attending a local track event that my gear shifter started to generate a slight squeaking noise when shifting gears. Prior to the track event I never noticed this noise before, just the normal 'click' when the lever locks into its gear position. Other than the annoying squeak, I don't detect any other abnormality from the shifter. The lever still feels firm and shifts smoothly as before.

Anyone else ever experience a similar squeaking noise from their gear shifter?

Is it just a simple matter of something in the leakage needing to be lubricated? If so, is it something simple enough that I can do myself or do I need to take it into the dealer.

Incidently, FYI my NSX is a 1991 5-speed with 34,000 km.


If you have some time to spare over the weekend, it may be worth taking a shot at it yourself. It only takes about 1/2 hour to remove/reinstall the center console. With the center console removed, you will have access to the shifter mech. (I assume you can lube it with regular hi-temp grease (?) )

Steps 1-5 of this procedure describe how to remove the console.

Good luck.