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Starter motors....

30 January 2022
Just looking at options and it appears there are different model numbers.

For manual box, how many variations of starter motor is there?

Is the 5 speed different from 6 speed?

from what i can see, it seems the starter motor is different between 1994 and 1995.

In the world of Honda part numbers, the last 3 characters are typically reserved for updates to the part. You are correct that A01 is the number from 1991 - 1994 and J01 is the part number for 1995 - 2005. It is hard to say whether that update was significant or a minor change such as a slightly different material of some sort being used. That said, if you go to the Denso application guide (Denso being the OEM supplier) you will find that Denso 280-0189 is listed as fitting from 1991 - 2005. I suspect the A01 to J01 revision was not a significant revision and that J01 supersedes A01 even though the Acura parts websites do not list it as superseding on the early cars.

Genuine Denso remans are un obtainable right now. Unless you have a starter with a seriously damaged commutator, the most common failure in the starters are the contacts in the solenoid. Replacement of those contacts is fairly easy and inexpensive. Use the Prime search function and you will be able to find at least one thread discussing rebuilding of the starter solenoid along with part numbers for kits to do the rebuild.
Thanks, I've ordered the newer style.

I've ordered because i am experiencing a issue with starting the car, at first i thought nothing of it because i was using a older battery, it would only start with a battery booster connected.

Went out and bought a 60amp / 550cca battery, that didn't start it neither. Fuel pump primed, the car would just click from the starter.

Checked forum and it was suggested the culprit could be either

Starter motor
bad Fuse (ignition, there is two)
Ignition switch
Main Relay

My fuses did have slight oxidation so i replaced them, no joy.
Replaced Main Relay (used spare), didn't help
Cleaned all 3 main grounds, didn't work.
Removed accessory power cables from batter, amp and Battery tender, think it helped
swapped the main ground wire on the battery, i think that also did help.

So now it starts better than it did but not always every time.

I've ordered, Starter motor, Brand new main relay and ignition switch. Worth keeping a spare if they don't resolve the issue.

I was reading battery terminals could be the cause, so i will try these at some point if it remains to be a issue, i did clean mine though.

There could also be a drain somewhere.

Has anyone else experienced this where you need extra power to start the car?
Sounds like you listed, but did not address the ignition switch. You can remove and carefully open it and clean the contacts. If they are burnt, the entire switch can be replaced for about $60. I had the same problem and chased it for some time. It turned out to be my aftermarket Viper alarm. I have had zero problems since removing the alarm. A local shop rebuilt my starter and a spare I acquired. The shop replaced the contacts, brushes, and bearings. They even glass beaded the case. All for about $100. The starters are getting hard to find at a decent price. Jerry