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Steering Firms Up

19 June 2003
Just wondering if the steering effort on the 91 NSX (5 spd) is suppose to firm up heavily when the car is in a turn. I've always had this and never thought much of it until now so I thought I asked.

I feel the steering effort firms up heavily when a turn is made. For example, if I were to take on a curved highway on or off ramp, I would have to put both hands on the steering wheel in order to steer the car. One hand would do it, but i would have to use a lot of effort.

What do u guys think? The alignment is perfect, nothing wrong with the car as far as i can tell.
Good steering control is to maximize your "push", as "pulling" is less desireable.

So if you are making a right turn, you should push with your left arm and steady with your right. Reverse for left turns. Try it!

Common tendancy is to pull with the same hand that you are making the turn, avoid that....it pulls you forward and is less accurate.

Overall it sounds like your car is behaving as designed...