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stock rocker panel fitment issue

7 September 2003
I have noticed that both the rocker panels on both sides of my car bulge out very slightly that the point noted on this photo. It is just enough to bug me and make the gap at the bottom of the slightly uneven.
I did find a free clip behind the passenger intake vent when I installed the AIS a few months ago but could figure where is came from.
Any ideas?


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Undrneath the skirt there are small plastic clips which hold the skirt to the car.The metal piece that the clip goes into may have bent.Pull the skirt off and tweak the metal piece a little.Once it is off you will see what I am talking about.
Do I remove the front and back wheel liners and push forward to release the panel?
I don't have wheel liners in mine but yes you have to bang it forward with a sharp blow with your hand,hitting from the rear wheel forward.I am not sure if there are any bolts on the bottom side of the stock skirts,double check this as well.Judging by your picture I would say remove the inners or at least bottom three fasteners.The first time is always the hardest,Good-luck.