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Stock Yoko A022's from my garage in sorcal

16 March 2001
East Bay, CA, USA
Price reduction!

Here's the southern California list to go with my earlier northern California list. Two garages, with plenty of tires in each one.

These are all Yokohama A002H's, which are out of production and available only from my garage, assuming that nobody else stacks Yokos to the ceiling in his garage.

I'm driving less these days, as explained in the soon to be mailed issue of NSX Driver. I had been using a full set of Yokos per year, but now I'm probably going to get 2 or 3 years per set. So it's time to sell the excess over what I'm likely to use.

I have the following to sell from my garage in the LAX area:

One set of 16 and 17 inch Yokos. Fronts have 6 to 8 32nds of tread, Rears have 7 to 8 32nds. I was very conservative in measuring them, so you can be confident the tires have at least this much tread. $500 for all 4.

One set of rear 16 inch Yokos barely used, with 9 to 10 32nds of tread. $280 for this set.

One set of front 15 inch Yokos with 7 to 8 32nds of tread on presentable but not perfect OEM wheels. $240 for this set.

One set of rear 16 inch Yokos with 4 to 5 32nds of tread on wheels, one presentable, one with a scratch across 3 spokes. $140 for this set.

I have stored these tires in my enclosed garage, out of the sun and in a mild climate (LA beach area).

Come and get them!

(925) 639-4304 mobile
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