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stock yokohama tires

7 April 2000
I know that the stock yoko tires perform poorly in the wet, especially when they are worn. How about dry weather? My stock tires are getting fairly close to the wear bars on the insides of the tires. Do I need to be careful about aggressive driving with them on DRY pavement in this condition?
I believe the Yokos have the best grip just before they get to the bars. The inside of mine were beyond the wear bars before I replaced them and they had great grip on dry pavement at the time.
They give exceptionally precise handling and cornering in the dry. They also perform very, very well in the wet EXCEPT when they are worn close to the tread bars. I've driven on long trips in drenching downpours and the Yokohamas did just fine.
Yes, they handle good in the dry, but be careful in cold conditions when your tires are worn down. Last winter, I had a nearly disasterous incident on a curving freeway offramp when by rearend swung out wide and I wasn't even driving my NSX hard. I was able to correct for the oversteer(by sheer luck) but if I had stepped on the breaks or done anything differently than what I did, I definitely would have made myself a guardrail-aluminum sandwich. Best thing to do is replace those tires when you get close to those wearbars.