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strut coil compressor?

6 October 2002
san jose, ca
strut coil compressor (please delete)?

does anyone close to sunnyvale (south bay) have a strut coil compressor
that i can borrow for a weekend?

i was about to work on my girlfriend's civic (replacing springs) and i could not find any store (kragen, pepboys, etc) that had the kind of compressor i needed.

i got a strut compressor from autozone but the end attachments (the piece that attaches to the spring) are block shaped and too big to fit into the coils that are compressed. I'm trying to take the original springs off the strut. i wanted to buy one but no store carries one thta would work.

does anyone have one that would work on a civic? i'll bring some beer for your troubles.

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Sorry I didn't see your post earlier - I have a set but I suspect they are the same as you describe.
However, what I've also done in the past & suggest is to take your struts down to any of the local national chain brake/shock shops along with your new springs and have them use their wall-mount machine to swap them out - typically they'll charge you $20 for this at the back door - no receipt! Shouldn't take them more than 5 mins either.