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Stuck headlight???

5 November 2003
Plano, TX
Over the last few days I noticed a loud clunking noise from my left headlight when I put my lights down. But it would go down fine. Well tonight it finally stopped halfway on the way up.

THe light still worked but it wouldn't move. I worked the switch on and off and gave it some help to make it come all the way up. Now I feel I should leave the lights in the up position for fear of it getting stuck down and having to get a full assembly. Is this common? Is there a couple of specific things I should check, oil or something?
surely that won't be cheap with new hood, bumper and all!

Does anyone have any experience with binding headlights?
check the manual but i believe there is a manual override so if the motors go out you can still get your lights up and down. Now as to why they went out I have no idea.