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9 July 2006
Any home theatre gurus here. I'm looking for a new sub for my home theatre and currently debating between the Rythmik FV 15 HP and the Paradigm sub 15. I'm leaning towards the Paradigm at the moment for a few reasons. 1 I can buy it from a local store as apposed to have to order it online like then Rythmik. Always easier to deal face to face if I have problems down the road. 2 if I buy the Paradigm they will buy back my old sub at almost the same price I paid for. 3 the rest of my speakers are Paradigm so it would be nice to have all the same brand. Is there any reason I should chose the Rythmik over the Paradigm.
PM turbo2go
There is no "right" answer to your question... there are actually dozens of subs that will do the job for you... just take the following into consideration:

Sub Size (dimensions of the sub) and where it will live (close to a power outlet?)
Front firing or down firing?
Room dimensions (low frequency sound waves can cause problems)

If the answers to those questions point to a sub, buy it.