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5 June 2001
Sunnyvale, CA
I use my NSX as a daily driver and park it in an uncovered parking lot. I've started worrying that the interior (black) gets hot enough that I may do some damaged to the dash/trim if it gets exposed to the hot sun day after day.

Am I just being anal? or is a sunshade covering the windshield a necessity? It would be a pain because I mount my V-1 at the base of the windshield and I'd either have to cut a hole in the sunshade, or mount/remount every time I got in the car. Anyone experience cracked/warped dashes before?
I would just get a car cover,... I used to use my X as a daily but have since seen the light :)

THe car cover helps prevent against

minor door dings
people bumping into your car
bird droppings
dust and industrial fallout
light sprinkles that throw just enought water to make you car look dirty
people leaving flyers on your car
people looking at/in your car
people touching your car

this in addition to keeping the sun out.

But then again Justin and the rest of the Sac chapter KNEW I would suggest that :)

I purchased a high quality sunshade from Covercraft. It's specifically cut to the windshield size of the NSX and has a tough silver reflective coating and a thick carboard inards covered in a nice felt like material. These are high grade quality sunshades. They go for $37 and worth every penny. I had one for nearly 10 years on my '86 Integra and no problems until I gave it away when I sold the car. Had one on my '96 Accord and recently for my '91 NSX. Being a three time customer and referring many others to this product, I haven't seen anyone disappointed with this sunshade.

The best price I found was at the Wax Depot. Great service and good prices. I recommend them highly.

<a href="http://waxdepot.safeshopper.com/29/cat29.htm">http://waxdepot.safeshopper.com/29/cat29.htm</a>


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Acura sells one custom designed to fit the NSX. The dealer here in Dallas gives a discount for NSXCA members. I don't recall the price but it didn't seem like much.
Is there a way you can find out how much it cost at the dealer for us? I'm curious to know, thanks

Cost me 28.50 with a discount. I'm not sure I'll like it as it rolls up rather than folding small. I'm using the kind with the wire frame that folds up into 10" diameter in my other two cars. I kindof wanted the genuine Acura part -- I'll post back with test results.

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I'll second the recommendation on the Covercraft custom job. Best windshield shade I've ever seen. One that I have is 6 years old and still looks good. Folds nice and small and is easy to put up and take down. Well worth the money.

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