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Super Car Tour - Atlanta, Sep 22nd & 23rd.

3 August 2009
Supercar Tour - Private Morning Run (pre-NOPI NATIONALS) and NOPI NATIONALS entrance for both days.


Supercar Tour, an experience that an only be described in horsepower as you ride along, hear, and feel, some of the rarest cars visiting city of Atlanta for NOPI National in a private run around the city and then ends at NOPI NATIONALS for a day full of automotive fun. As a private event, Entry to Supercar Tour is by selection & invitation only. Also, it is available and is a FREE feature for all the vehicles registered under our newly introduced Super Car Challenge Drag Race. A Prime parking area - Supercar Section, has been specially designated for parking...Closest to track and grand stands.


Dates: Sep 22nd & 23rd
Time/Location/Route: Only to be disclosed to registered attendees
Entry Fee: $35 for Vehicle & Driver ($25 additional per passenger), includes Supercar Tour, Pre-Run Snacks, Entrance and participation in NOPI NATIONALS for both days, Super Car sectoin parking, and registered participation in: (Pick one) Super Car Challenge Drag Race / NOPI NATIONALS Car Show / USACi Sound Competition. Open Test N Tune to all cars.

Registration: Selection/Invitation only

To initiate or have any questions, please email the following to: [email protected]
1) Full Name (+ passenger if any)
2) Phone Number:
3) Address:
4) Vehicle: Year/Make/Model/Color
5) Vehicle Picture

Site Link: http://nopinationals.com/index.php?vn=TOUR12S
Can't make it this year :mad: I'll be at the 1/2 mile run in Clayton with Wanna Go Fast :biggrin:
If you can, come on 23rd. We are doing the Morning Run/Tour morning of both Saturday the 22nd & Sunday the 23rd. Then inside NOPI all day, track will be open to us for Test & Tune or enter Super Car Challenge :D
I'll be there on saturday after the morning run. Look forward to the drag strip too. Entered in the Factory Stock class. Don't expect to win against some of the newer and more powerful supercars but fun to see what mine can do without fear of a ticket.
Any recommendations about the launch and shift points? I still want to be able to drive it home at the end of the day!