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Super Speedway


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15 May 2004
I saw the IMAX-Film Super Speedway in the Verkehrshaus Luzern (Switzerland). The film is about the Andretti familiy and the developement of an Indycar. I never saw such impressive pictures taken from the perspective of an race-driver. :) Combined with a more than perfect soundsystem you're just driving in the oval with about 380 km/h. YOU are just the driver.
If you ever are in Switzerland go to Luzern and watch it. You missed something in your live if you haven't seen it. :)
Anyone saw this movie in an IMAX cinema?
I have it on DVD also. Great sound. I would like to see it on IMAX.
gheba_nsx said:
Thomas, I have it on DVD. It is very good quality and I often use it as a demo DVD for my home cinema... :)

If you want, I can bring it to you next Saturday!
Hi Giuseppe!
the weather forecast for SA is good. :) It would be great if I could lend it a short time. :) *watching the Ayrton Senna documentation on VHS with a flying lap in Monaco before the race starts* :)
The IMAX is overpowered all my expectations. :D