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17 April 2000
Northern VA
I can't believe it! I now am a owner of '94 Blk/Blk with 43k! I drove it back yesterday from Atlanta yesterday(750miles...). It was a pleasure to drive except on I65 in Kentucky. It was bumpy + rainy and man it was scary... I also got 30+ miles/gallon! Now I have to go wash off all the bugs off of the car. Thanks to all of you who answered my dumb questions in the past. SWEET! I'll post pics later.
Congrats, dont forget the only dumb question is one not asked.

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damn it for somereason, my reply didn't register! Anyway, here are the blurry pics I took with my sucky digicam


Bring it to GingerMan on Monday to show us!

And check out our schedule of upcoming Chicago-area events in the Midwest Region forum.
Congratulations on the car!

Just FYI, you can't use Geocities to post pictures; they will not serve to outside links.
DAmn! It works sometimes but not all the time it seems... Anyways, I can't make it to Gingerman this weekend but I"ll certainly try to make the event next month!