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Taitec JGTC Parallel Exit Exhaust

23 July 2003
Seattle, WA.
Hi all, I just got this exhaust for couple days, I was wondering if anyone knows about if it should bolt on to the Comptech header ?? I had an Comptech header and exhaust (probably quite old, the logo is Comptech USA)... Anyway, the shop tried and tried and couldn't get it line up with the cat... (They are about half bolt off). Finally we decided to cut and reweld a section so it could line up the bolts. The muffler had couple bracket broke off and seems like the pipe was bent slightly, (that's what the shop guy explained to me.)

One of my friend suggested me to ask the seller for some money since I have to "cut" the otherwise good condition exhaust and reweld it to make it fit. The seller did mention that he put it on his car a week ago. So it supposed to fit. I'm posting this want to make sure it's not my fault..(comptech header not compatible with Taitec exhaust.) Before I contacted the seller.

Except the little grape of the rewelding, (and hefty installaion bill, I'm cheap, you know. :rolleyes: ) I'm very very happy with the exhaust, not unacceptable under 3000rpm... as if rev pass 3500rpm, it's :biggrin:, well, JGTC sound, very intoxicating when driving between buildings, under bridges, tunnels... :biggrin: I have the chance to test the silencer last night and it seems that tame the exhaust a lot. It's even more quiet than my original Comptech at high rpm.
ok, my installer was right. The taitec exhaust that I bought was bent slightly. I just put my comptech exhaust that was on my car in Freelance201's stock nsx, and it bolt right up.

However, makena88 responded to me that he had the exhaust on his car too :confused: :rolleyes: Now I'm totally clueless.

Just to make sure, makena88 sent me the exhaust in 3 days after payment. He also PM'ed me and showed me he's concerned... I'm not trying to put a dent on his reputation, I'll still do business with him in the future. :wink:

Anyway, who has an idea??
Hi from NM.
Quick question: What year is your car?

I ask you this because I just went through a real hastle with
B&B. Let me explain my problem and see if this applies to you.

I have a '98 NSX 6spd.
I ordered a B&B exhaust for '97 NSXs and up.
Many companies now include the later model NSX exhausts
on their product line. There is a modification from the '91-'96
to the '97 because of the 3.0L to 3.2L engine upgrade.

Exhaust manufacturers, B&B in this case, did not recognize
that the '97 and up model is not the same as the newest editions.

There is a 2" difference in fitting size between these years.

Anyone looking for a '97 and up (B&B or otherwise) must be aware that there is a size discrepancy between those years and the newer models. Check with the manufacturer before purchase to insure that this difference has been built into their product.

Larry T
Hi Ferrand,

I too had a problem with my tips not being exactly perfect after installing it (and I have matching Tiatec headers). I have the center exit (as you know) and I think this is an issue with all their exhausts. I have checked with others who also have them and they never seem to align themselves up right.......

I think SOS knows of this problem and they offer a special pipe that will fix this, if I recall correctly.

I fixed mine before I learned of the pipe and had a "special" shop in Puyallup cut and weld my existing pipe. They did an outstanding job for me at the cost of $275 :eek:

Hope this helps,
gene '96 #178 said:
I think SOS knows of this problem and they offer a special pipe that will fix this, if I recall correctly.
Just picked up my brand new JGTC last month and mine don’t line up very well as well. :redface: it's leaning a lil to the left.
Spoke to some frnds who suggested to loosen the bolts again and realign the muffler and then retighten to ensure as close as centered as possible. If that don’t work, will give SOS a call to see if they have this special pipe your talking about.
mine is not just the "alignment" of the tip, it's the fit that it won't fit into the bolts on the connection to the cat, (the pass. side one).

And as I said, Cut and reweld was the only option... I'm all happy and awe on the sound. Compare to my Comptech, seems like the Taitec had more low end torque, and it's actually more silence at low rpm.

Gene, talk about Devil, you are the one who made me felt like I have a crappy exhaust. Not any more :biggrin: Looking forward to see you on June 4th.

I am looking forward to seeing your new exhaust.
Sorry for making you feel that way but it sounds like you love your new exhaust note. Make sure you keep that Taitec beauty polished :smile:

Best wishes,
Bringing this thread from Death... When the exhaust got hot, it rattles quite bad, and clunking noise come from the car very bad. If I put my hand/ or my shoe to keep it from rattling, no more clunking..

The installer told me my exhaust hangers are worn, anyone have a good idea of where or what kind of the exhaust hanger I should get??