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Talk to me about trailers & hitches

30 January 2005
Sarasota, FL
Does this make any sense? I'm looking for a small trailer and a hitch for that trailer. All this needs to work with our little SLK which is now officially our 'big' car.

Here's the trailer.

Here's the hitch.

What has me confuzled is that the hitch is $150 more than the trailer. I do like that it's designed for the car (and recommended by other SLK owners) but dang, $324 for a hitch and then another $60 for a wiring harness when the whole trailer is $279? Seems like that could be done cheaper.

Now, I'm not cheap and if this is The Right Way to do it, I guess I'll write the check, but I thought I'd ask around first. I want a hitch setup that doesn't require welding and this one fills the bill. I'm just looking to be able to go to Home Depot and pick up plywood, fence posts, etc and don't want to be dependent on my pickup truck owning neighbors. Any advice is appreciated.
Does that mean you drive the truck, or is it how much Home Depot costs per hour for delivery? I've always had the same problem. How do I get something home from Home Depot.

Thanks for the insight.
Okay, maybe I understated how much I might use a trailer if I had one. I was going by how many times I've had to find a neighbor to help but there have been other times when I've loaded the SLK so full of crap that I had to drive home with the trunk open or the top down. It's also not just H.D. (which I think stands for Hundred Dollars, not Home Depot 'cause I can't get out the door for less than that) but nurseries for plants, etc. I believe I'll be glad I have it.

Anyway, I talked to one of my pickup owning trailer towing neighbors last night and he recommended a local fabricator that does his hitches when he gets a new truck. I'll buzz down and check them out.