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Targa Front Seal Replacement

20 February 2011
San Jose, CA
Looking for some input from the Targa folks regarding the replacement of the front weatherstrip/seal (72320-SL0-T01).

The procedure for replacement is described starting on page 20-94 in the 91-96 PDF manual.

Two main questions:

NSX - Front Targa Weatherstrip.jpg


The next page 20-95, steps 6-11, describes removing the A-pillar Molding (72465-SL0-T01ZZ Left / 72425-SL0-T01ZZ Right) and replacing the "EPT Sealer" (72428-SL0-T01) sections. I circled these parts in the picture.

Essentially, I am wondering if these steps are strictly necessary. I don't experience any issues with these parts; I just want to replace the giant puffy rubber seal, and I'd rather not uninstall anything I don't have to.


The following page 20-96, step 12, calls out applying sealant to the L & R corners: {Cemedine P/N 08712 - 0004, or equivalent}.

Is this Cemedine what everyone still uses? I can't seem to source that specific P/N easily in my initial, cursory searching. Is there an updated Honda part number? Happy to be educated on the latest compound I should use!

Thanks for the assistance, and fave fun out there!
I am sort of dealing with a similar problem. I can't help you with part #1 as I am planning for the replacement of the weatherstrip on the driver's side of the targa panel - a much smaller and cheaper piece of rubber. The service manual calls out Cemedine for attaching the gasket; but, as you have discovered it is now unavailable. The Honda Service Bulletin 99-030 Recommended Materials calls for the use of 3M Weatherstrip Adhesive (3M 051135-08011) which is black for attaching rubber to metal. The TSB recommends against the use of 3M Super Gasket Adhesive or 3M Super Weatherstrip Adhesive. The TSB also lists 08712-0002 weather strip adhesive (Honda part #) which is for attaching soft rubber weather stripping to painted metal. I am not sure about the distinction between rubber and soft rubber. I am probably going to use the 08712-0002 because I should be able to get it directly from Honda.
Wow, great find! Thanks for the detail!

I also saw 08712-0002 in my hunting, and wasn't quite sure if that was the one to choose. I might just have to follow your lead on that.

I do think the Targa weatherstrip(s) are a "soft" rubber, which I interpret roughly as "less dense" with more porosity. [By contrast, most of the window/windshield/rear glass seals are a "hard" rubber.]