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Targa Race

2 December 2004
Hope this hasn't been discussed before, but I couldn't find anything through the search feature. Just ignore it if it has.

Do you all have races to see who can change their targa top the fastest? I think that would be an entertaining event at NSX meets. Singles or doubles events would be fun.

How fast are you?

Removing the targa top:

Start with the top on and locked; windows down; competitor sitting in the seat (all other hatches and doors closed). Objective: remove the targa top, secure it correctly and get back in the seat (time stops when the driver's door closes).


Putting the top on:

Time starts with driver sitting in the seat and door closed. Race to put top on. Time stops when driver closes his door after securing the top/hatch/etc.

Who is the quickest here? Post your times.
sounds like a good way to drop a really expensive targa top.....No thanks, I'll take my time :)
This is one of the most stupid ideas I have ever heard about. How about who can brush their teeth the fastest :rolleyes:

Or better yet who can change their targa the fastest (blind folded and with only one hand) :rolleyes:

I would hesitate to guess that anyone with a 'T' has performed it as fast as they can when it starts to rain unexpectedly. Would a quick change for this be classified as stupid....? :rolleyes:
I would think a 3 legged race would not result in big $$ when you drop the top on the pavement, or worse your quarter panel and then the pavement!