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Tarox Brake Questions

13 April 2001
Rockville, Maryland
For those of you with the Tarox brake kit sold by DaliRacing, what do you think of the kit. I have read the FAQs, various Forum posts, and the testimonial by the very respected Mark Basch as well as others so I know that the overall impression of the kit is FANTASTIC but I am trying to get to the following specifics:

1. Are the 10 pot fronts so powerful that it makes feathering/light braking rather difficult? (i.e. it becomes a battle to keep the ABS from kicking in)- I guess this is kind of a two part question.

1a. How street smooth are they for normal driving?

1b. How track smooth are they when it comes to braking hard but only just hard enough not to engage the ABS (in other words, threshold braking without getting the ABS interfering)

2. If you have the rear Tarox setup too, how are you compensating for the loss of the emergency brake if you are compensating at all?

3. If you kept the OEM rear calipers, what pads are you running on the rears?

All insights are welcomed

'95 Green NSX-T

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1. No problem with 10-pots. The 6-pot calipers appear to be stronger than the 10-pot calipers. I have 10-pot front, 6-pot rear set-up. At the track the braking wasn't balanced with this set-up so I swithed to a stronger front pad compound from the rear and the braking is very balanced now.

1a. The pads that come with the brakes are a bit inconsistent, and can make street driving feel a bit weird (and track driving very inconsistent from turn to turn). Put on a set of Carbotech pads or something similar, and street driving is a charm.

1b. With good pads, they feel great on the track. Once I switched to the Carbotech's I stopped noticing the brakes and concentrated more on my driving. The brakes always seemed to do what I wanted, even the few the times when I over committed I was still able to get the car slowed down w/o much lock-up.

2. I've had that setup for almost a year and I just avoid parking on slopes. I do get worried when I drop my car off for service that someone else may lose control of the car not realizing there's no e-brake, so I make sure it's always written on the estimate so they're liable if the car rolls and gets damaged. I'll eventually get around to installing an e-brake when I can find a cheap one.

3. n/a
I have the 6 on the front and rear. If you go with any aftermarket brake package on the rear, then I recommend a proportioning valve. I think the 6 in the front and OEM in the rear is a good first step. If you find you need more braking power, then you can put the 6’s on the rear too (and biasing valve). I use the Tarox street/track pads and LOVE them on the street. Very nice braking response. Also very nice on most normal tracks. I did burn through the pads at Road America, so if you’re going to be doing lots 130mph to 40mph braking then I’d suggest a more aggressive pad compound like the Tarox track or the Carbotech Panther Plus.

I went without an emergency brake for about a week and then installed the brembo kit $$.

I like my Tarox 6-pot in the front and 1997 OEM in the rear (slightly larger rear rotor than the 1991-96 OEM). I use Carbotech Panther Plus front and rear...works very well.


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