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TB Parts for Old CT SC Car

5 May 2015
Hi guys

I have a 94 5SPD with the old whipple. Previous owner did the TB, but I am thinking of getting this done again. Before I go order parts from the local dealer, just wanted to confirm the parts.

In a different thread, LarryB posted this list of parts:

14400-PR7-A01 1 Timing Belt
91318-PY3-000 1 Oil Pedestal Gasket "8"
12030-PR7-010 2 VC Gasket Set
90471-580-000 2 Crush Washer 8mm
19200-PR7-305 1 Water Pump/Timing Cover Set
90401-634-000 1 Timing Bolt Cover Seal
91302-GE0-000 1 O-Ring, Dip Stick
14510-PR7-A01 1 Belt Tensioner Pulley
15400-PL2-004 1 Oil Filter

I know the SC cars use a different accessory belt, but I am sure the TB, WP and Tensioner are the same.
The part I am not sure about is the crank pulley. Can someone confirm the part number of the crank pulley used on the CT SC cars? If they use a different crank pulley, are they still prone to the same failure issues as the stock one?

On another note, anybody have a recommended shop in Ontario (Canada) to get the work done at?


Yeah, Contact Tyler in Niagara Falls (AutoPro), he just did my Timing belt service on my car.

He also just installed and SC on his NSX, and will be able to guild you accordingly.

I dont like posting people's contact info on the Internet