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TCS light locks the transmition in 3rd

28 April 2005
Let me start by thanking NSXPRIME; you guys fixed my last problem when the mechanic was wrong.

1. My TCS light comes on occasionally:confused: , usually when it won't start (turns over but does not even get kinda start- like a bad fuel pump???). If I wait I hear a little click behind the seats and then my 91' automatic NSX finally fires up. The top TCS light stays on (NOT THE GREEN TCS LIGHT THAT FLASHES IF YOU BURN THE TIRES- THE TOP yellow ONE) and it wont shift into 1st starts in third. If I turn the car off take the key out and try again it usually fires right up with no TCS light. Weird! it seems to have only happened in the summer, might be coincidence though.

2. It seems like at the same time- my Air controller is completely off. Once in a while it will be still off (nonfunctional, but the re-circ light is on...cant change it... it is just got the light on; however, still none of the air controls work (like the defrost,direction {feet mid or both} the "auto" button A/C, re-circ -fresh , nothing. My mechanic said it was related to a ABS fuse problem last year and it seemed to fix it until lately. I cant find any fuses out, but there is no fuse for the ABS that i can find.:confused: