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TE37 Super Lap Black Edition - made exclusively for the NSX

19 January 2001
Chandler, AZ

Like other Volk Wheels, the TE37 Super Lap is a die forged monoblock that takes the popular TE37 wheel and reduces 400 grams of weight by additional machining of the wheel.

The TE37 Super Lap wheel is finished in satin black, with the outer lip and inside hub area machined. The decal is optional and not applied from the factory - it is up to the owner to decide to install it or leave it off.

The TE37 Super Lap wheel is currently not made in a correct NSX width and offset combination. Rays is willing to make a special run of wheels for the NSX. As with other TE37 Super Lap wheels, the center cap pattern is removed in an effort to reduce weight as much as possible. The only color available is the finish shown (the decal is optional).

17x8.0+38 & 18x10.0+40. The rear will have a concave spoke design. The lead time is 90-120 days. This will be a very exclusive opportunity - only 10 sets will be made on this production run. UPDATE: We have enough customers, and this project is a go!

more information & photos:

This is a forged monoblock wheel so it is not cheap - however, we have arranged for special pricing that is the lowest you can buy a forged Volk wheel set for now! We can not advertise this pricing, so please e-mail or call for set price. We have until 11/15/12 to secure this pricing. If you're interested or have any questions, please e-mail [email protected] or call 480-894-6277.

thank you,

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What's the weight of the 17 and 18 in wheel? Also, can centercaps be used?

We will verify shortly. They should be around 300-400 grams lighter than existing TE37s. Sorry, the Super Lap is not designed for center caps (the center cap flange has been machined off for weight savings).
We've had some questions on the decal & colors.

The decal is not applied by Rays. The customer can decide to install it, or leave them off.

Regarding special finishes - Rays requires at least 10 sets to be ordered for a color other than what is shown. Thus, the most likely option is to refinish them once they arrive. We're already planning on doing one set for a customer in white.

-- Chris
Interested as well.

Widebody widths and offsets are available as well, please drop us a line - and we can offer the same discounted pricing. Just let us know what width and offset you need (or what the width increase is of your widebody).

-- Chris
Just a reminder that end of day tomorrow is the last day to get the sale pricing as it is our last day from the manufacture to get the extra discount.

These are in production now - we expect to have a couple sets remaining after tomorrow.

Thank you for your support!
Kindly PM pricing. Ty
Update! Wheels will be arriving next month. We have one set unsold arriving on this batch, and we are offering the same discounted pricing. Please call or e-mail if you are interested.

FRONT (one shown with wheel as it arrives, with out the decals installed):


- - - Updated - - -

widebody sizing possible?

Yes, widebody sizes are available now. Please call or e-mail us with details, including the details on what widebody you have.