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Technical Question Regarding NSX Timing Pattern

30 March 2005
On the C30A NSX motor, I believe the timing pattern is 24-1. The AEM NSX cal file states 24 spark teeth and 24 fuel teeth. The AEM NSX application notes state:

Crank Pickup Type: Mag
Crank Teeth/Cycle: 24
Cam Pickup Type: Mag
Cam Teeth/Cycle: 1

I would like to know the technical detail/explanation of the timing pattern and how it is read. Is there a sensor at the crank, or is its position calculated by the cam sensor?

On the C32A Legend motor there are 24 teeth on the crank sprocket. And 1 tooth on the cam. There is no sensor at the crank, its position is calculated by the cam. I beleive it should be the same timing pattern as the C30A NSX motor. Using this info, can anyone verify this for me?

Any help is appreciated.
Some correction/info: The legend has 24 teeth on the crank but does not use them for any ignition pickup. There are 24 on the cam, and 1 longer one on the cam. It should be identical to the nsx setup.