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Thanks for another great day!

30 January 2001
thanks in no particular order for our 2 day lime Rock races :peter Mills,nsxca,Larry B, Acura/Honda,Imsa,highcroft,and of course Mobil 1:wink::eek: Btw one of the guest speakers was and is the father of Mobil 1 oil and was the chief formula 1 mobil oil engineer in the late 90's:eek:Hrant would have raped him:biggrin:
I also wanted to thank Peter and Larry (and everyone else involved) for all their continued hard work. It was a beautiful day and it was good to see everyone again. Plus, the good guys won the race.

This one all has to go to Peter:) Thanks Pete. What a great day, and how about those race results!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just wanted to 2nd, 3rd or 4th the thanks!
It was great to meet everyone and we had a blast!

I hope you all had a safe trip home and I look forward to the next event!!

Thanks Again!

Amazing effort and amazing results. Thanks guys.

I was thinking we have the same individuals stepping up to the plate for every single event. I challenge the rest of the NE NSX community, including myself, to take some of the burden from Peter and Larry for organizing and managing what seems like almost every single event. I'm not sure what I can do to help, but the offer is there and I would like to help with some of the events in the future. Just tell me what to do.
Peter and Larry,

Thanks for organizing a great time. It was a pleasure meeting everyone that I hadn't met before and wish we had more time to get to talk to y'all but there was so many activities organized and then the racing that it was very dificult to talk, especially during the racing.

Hope to see everyone again soon.

Peter & Larry,

Echoing the others, thanks for all your work. Thanks to Acura for sponsoring the activities. And that exciting win made the tour of Highcroft Racing a few years ago even more significant.


Frank & Jan
'96 NSX-T, red/tan