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Thanks to all DIY Contributors

16 March 2008
Sugar Land, TX
Hello all.

I'm a new NSX owner (95 red/black, 2 months), having lusted after one for several years. Now that I'm "in the club", I just wanted to thank all those who actively contribute to NSX Prime, sharing their expertise with the rest of us.

Yesterday morning, as I started up the NSX, my power steering suddenly failed. I pulled it back in the garage and went off to work in the trusty Volvo. arggh! All day at work I contemplated having to take the car in to the Acura dealer. Then, I started to change my attitude and decided that when I got home in the evening, I would research the forums and see what others have experienced. I quickly found many posts about the EPS unit recall and the symptoms. And someone also posted instructions on how to reset the system. Five minutes later, my EPS was working again. Thanks to you all! (I am kind of bummed out that the previous owner didn't take advantage of the recall.)

So, now I think I may have the CCU issue also - but again, I'm finding great information here in the Forums. I'll have to contact BrianK shortly.

What a GREAT resource this is! Thanks all!

Indeed it is a great resource. I went and contributed financially to this site after it had saved me some money on repairs. It's a way I can give back, considering I may not be able to help out with technical advice.
You can show your support to NSX Prime and make a donation!

Glad you got your EPS figured out. Just about everyone here either has CCU issues or has sent it to BrianK. Mine works intermittantly.