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The closest you can get to Mugen M7

9 October 2012
I'm trying to get as close as possible to this look:


M7s are hard to find (and now I know: very expensive). Any alternatives?
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Not really a fan. JMHO
how bout another old school wheel...OZ mito modular
Thanks guys. It seems like my only realistic option is BBS LM to have old school look I'm looking for.
why not just buy the real m7s btw
im actually looking to buy some m7s lmk if you find any in that price range
lol back in 96 -97 the "wheels" were enkei rpo-1 and 3 the mito, blitz,bbs rs3......now there are so many its crazy.
theres lots of lms and lms replica for sale, they pop up in the for section very often esp lms