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The Door Test, The Mario Test.... What do you use to test the opposite sex?

19 November 2009
Long Island, NY
This weekend I ended up watching "A Bronx Tale" and thought that the Door test was great years ago. But what kind of a test do you think would be good today for screening the opposite sex?

NSF for some language in the videos (not a lot but a few bad words)

(description of the door test starts around 1:12 )
<iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/HAJdqzRM6Dw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Mario Test below
<iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Fwb_NqmS8Kc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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LOL greta post why was that guy driving reverse lol, of the two the door test lol
LOL greta post why was that guy driving reverse lol, of the two the door test lol

the streets were one ways, and he didnt feel like driving all over the place when he could take the direct path backwards :biggrin:
I once did the door test on my ex. She failed and they were right she was self centered. Good test.
Try the Bar Stool test. Find a nice sized bar stool and have the lady sit on it. If she falls to the floor, you might want to consider passing. :wink:
Door test is obsolete today. No one sticks the key in a lock anymore and if you press the button to unlock the passenger door, it will automatically unlock the driver door too.

What contemporary test is a good litmus test for today?
Door test is obsolete today. No one sticks the key in a lock anymore and if you press the button to unlock the passenger door, it will automatically unlock the driver door too.

What contemporary test is a good litmus test for today?

I discovered one by accident a few years ago. Biggest catch is that the setup probably only works after a few dates and not for a first date. On a low key Thursday night hanging out at your place with some wine, pizza & must see TV, if she doesn't put her wine glass down and pitch in someway somehow with the pizza or salad or whatever that you're juggling in the kitchen and prepping for you two, then you dump her and dump her fast. Dump her?? Dump her!
You can tell a lt about someone, male or female with this simple test. Get a tomato that has a defect on one side, rotten, bruised, or just plain ugly. By one side i mean roughly half of the tomato needs to be unusable. Get ready to make a salad. Be sure to have additional tomatoes of perfect quality in plain sight. Have the other person cut up the tomato while you're cooking together.

If they don't wash the tomato this can mean they are careless. They also won't see the rotten part until they start cutting up the tomato because they failed to wash the tomato which is usually the same time most people would inspect the tomato for defects. Since they now have cut up all the tomato with the rotten part their carelessness has caused the wastefulness of the entire tomato and the time to clean up the cutting area before a new tomato is chopped assuming they clean up the cutting area.

If they throw the entire tomato in the trash and grab a new one this person will most likely do the same with other things in their life that are not perfect. This person most likely has not had to get through tight times and just expects that another tomato can be had at anytime without much effort.

A keeper would be someone who washes the tomato, inspects it, finds the defect, maybe points it out to you then cuts off the bad half and uses the rest. This person knows how to work with what they have and don't expect that a new whatever will just be there for them when they need it.
Excess baggage
Lots of women are the "walking wounded" -- they carry around unresolved hurt and anger from past relationships and expect the new men in their lives to tolerate their outbursts. To evaluate your girlfriend's baggage level, quiz her about her past boyfriends. If she comes back with, "Troy and I are still friends, even though it didn't work out," you're in safe territory. But if she says nothing or begins badmouthing him like a maniac, run.

The green-eyed monster
Nothing will tip you off more about future problems than her reaction to your interaction with other women. You'll know right away if your girlfriend has jealousy issues by those daggers in her eyes when you look at the opposite sex. And if she's the jealous type, watch out -- hell hath no fury. So to test her, deliberately flirt with a waitress, or point out how hot some chick on TV looks. Prepare for the worst!

Can you trust her?
This is the flip side of the jealousy test. Have one of your friends or a business associate hit on her and see how she reacts. If she opens the door and invites him in, it means she's still on the lookout for the BBD (Bigger, Better Deal), and it's just a matter of time before you're out on the street.

Me, me, me
Today many, many women are selfish, self-obsessed narcissists who expect men to coddle them and cater to their every whim. This is because they hold the sex trump card and know it. To test her selfishness quotient, insist (over her demands) on eating at a restaurant you pick, or opt to stay in and watch a DVD instead of going out. If she's a spoiled brat who only cares about herself, you'll find out right away.

What does she really want?
If you're a good-looking guy, it's possible that your girlfriend is only interested in your looks. To test her, show up for a date sprouting stubble and wearing your rumpled old clothes from high school, or pass on taking a shower after working out. If she thinks it's "cute," or reacts with a smile, she passes with flying colors; but if she throws a tantrum and starts screaming about how embarrassing it would be to be seen with you, it's time to move on.

If you're a guy with lots of cash, it may just be that she's angling to wrap her sticky little fingers around your wallet. To deal with her, tell her that you're about to lose your job, so money's tight. Or pretend that you forgot your wallet and that she'll have to foot the bill. Or even start a discussion about the necessity of prenuptial contracts. If this earns you a flat, "I-can't-believe-this" stare or she starts calling you "cheap," head for the nearest exit.

How cool is she?
Some women --especially the jealous type -- are relentlessly insecure and interpret any male independence as a threat to their sexual control of the relationship. This includes spending time with your buddies whom she views as a gateway to the single life and opportunities for interaction with other women. Guys like to go to sports bars, strip clubs, games -- places where she can't exert her control. Test her by telling her you can't see her Saturday night because you and your friends are going to a strip club. Her reaction will be immediate -- but again, prepare for he worst.

Home alone
Leave her alone with your friends or family members to see how she interacts with them. Is she polite and engaging? Does she make an effort to get to know them -- or does she view them as competition? Ask them what kind of impression they got from her, and pay close attention to their answers -- they may be seeing something you're not.
At a restaurant, if she orders the most expensive thing on the menu or is condescending to the waitstaff, run for the exit.

Great film BTW. The Mickey Mantle speech profoundly changed my attitude toward pro sports.
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