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The Hits just keep on coming: Bad grinding sound

12 May 2007
Wichita, KS
Well went to start the car this morning and noticed a high pitch grinding noise coming from the engine. Have yet to determine wether it gets louder with the rpms or not. But its coming from the passenger side of the engine. I know in my gut its a bearing grinding, just to hope its not the water pump bearing. :mad: I just rolled 93k miles and I know its time to replace the timing belt/water pump but this is my only car to get me to work until i get the jeep fixed from the break in last week. God I hope its just the alternator or pulley.

P.S. wont be taking the nsx to vegas next month now due to this, will be flying instead. :frown:
Well me and a buddy here at work looked it over and we're both convinced its the lower tensioner pulley thats going out. I'll do some troubleshooting tonight and know for sure.
stop driving the car immediately....and have it towed to a respectable shop
I'm seeing if I can get 20 years out of it...

was talking to Eclipsed but yea if you haven't done your timing belt by now, you're just asking to buy yourself a new engine when it fails and the pistons eat the valves... have fun with that. :rolleyes:
its your car. do what you want :)

20 years. go for 30 or hey 40 years on original tb or bust! :biggrin: