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The new way to put your GT wing

25 September 2004

Omg that's bad. Hope it was just placed there for pics and the owner didn't actually drill into the alum trunk!

Kids, don't try this at home!
Ill stick to mounting my GT wing to the factory mounting holes
Aside from the drilling/unappealing factor, shouldn't these wings be mounted as far back as possible for downforce purposes? (note: I'm no expert)
Looks like an after-thought, high school add-on project.
Plus, the wing is in the wrong location = poser.
You have a nice body kit, the oem needs to be removed.
then again, the more add-on you have, the more "static downforce" you have:rolleyes:
That is sickkkkkk!! That car would need another matching wing mounted to the front bumper to balance out the downforce. Maybe even a third one mounted on the roof just to be safe. :tongue:

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Sorry but that looks PEP BOYS to the MAX, why????

NSX's are supposed to be classy Japanese exotic classics


Oh come on!! This is horrible! How can any of you encourage this?! It's rice! Unfuntional, damaging and he still has the factory spoiler on!!!! What exactly is the airflow across the top of this car suppose to do with the hot mess of a spoiler party on the the trunk?
Must be trying to get as much downforce as he can with the wing and the additional weight of the wide body kit.

Seems just wrong... but we all have different tastes.