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The NSX - Honda's Super Sports Car Book

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26 July 2014
Cincinnati, Ohio
This is the rare, hard-to-find early history of the fabulous NSX sports cars that was published by Honda UK in the early 1990's.
This book is titled:
" The NSX Honda's Super Sports Car " written by Russell Bulgin, Leith McGrandle, L.J.K. Seright, David Tremayne and Daniel Ward.
With it's original dust jacket!
This hardbound book has 126 numbered pages, with many beautiful color photos and wonderful cut-away illustrations, by Bob Freeman, which document the development of these amazing cars, from design concept .... to production!
There is an interesting chapter that describes how the famed Formula 1 World Champion, Ayrton Senna, helped with the pre-production testing of this special car for Honda / Acura

Hardcover measures 9-1/8" x 11-3/4". Some surface wear on front dust jacket. The back of the dust jacket has surface indentations running approx. 1" x 6-1/2" that has transferred to the back outside hardbound cover only, the inside cover is not affected, see photo.
The pages are clean and complete and appear in unread condition.

Published by the Corporate Publishing Division of Redwood Publishing Limited, a BBC Enterprises company,
London, Copyright, Honda Motor Car Co. Ltd.

$225.00 plus $9.95 for USPS Priority Mail shipping

Please send any inquiries to [email protected]

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